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555 30th Street
Astoria, OR 97103

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Stacy Kelly
Chief of Police

Eric Halverson
Deputy Chief

Jeremy Hipes
Emergency Communications Manager

Administrative Services
Nicole Tait, Manager: ntait@astoria.or.us
Records: astoriapdrecords@astoria.or.us
Property: astoriapdevidence@astoria.or.us


The Patrol Division is the heart and soul of the police department. The Patrol Division is currently staffed by the Deputy Chief, three Patrol Sergeants, and ten Patrol Officers.

We consider Patrol to be our core competency - the thing we do before all others. The Patrol Officer is the first responder of the police department. They are out in all weather all hours of the day working traffic crashes, lost dogs and initial response to all manner of crimes. 

As a department, we are committed to placing at least two police officers on the streets every hour of every day. We are the only department in Clatsop County that has maintained that standard for more than 20 years.


NameEmailVoicemailServing APD Since
Kevin Berrykberry@astoria.or.us(503) 338-6433, Ext. 60412016
Sergio Carrerascarrera@astoria.or.us(503) 338-6433, Ext. 60352018
Cory Gerigcgerig@astoria.or.us(503) 338-6433, Ext. 60452013
Dayna Groderdgroder@astoria.or.us(503) 338-6433, Ext. 60262020
Madyson Hannamhanna@astoria.or.us(503) 338-6433, Ext. 60392022
Deputy Chief Eric Halversonehalverson@astoria.or.us(503) 298-25411998
Ken Hansenkhansen@astoria.or.us(503) 338-6433, Ext. 60361989
Sergeant Thomas Litwintlitwin@astoria.or.us(503) 338-6433, Ext. 60402010
Jair Macarenojmacareno@astoria.or.us(503) 338-6433, Ext. 60302014
Sergeant Chris McNearycmcneary@astoria.or.us(503) 338-6433, Ext. 60311999
Sergeant Andrew Randallarandall@astoria.or.us(503) 338-6433, Ext. 60342003
Zac Stocktonzstockton@astoria.or.us(503) 338-6433, Ext. 60422021
Brian Weberbweber@astoria.or.us(503) 338-6433, Ext. 60442020
Alex Whitneyawhitney@astoria.or.us(503) 338-6433, Ext. 60462018